Holiday Homes in Bulgaria  


At last! Have a holiday home in Bulgaria for just € 6666!!!*


Now you don't have to stress yourself out while searching for the best deals on properties for sale in Bulgaria, all you need to do is to simply browse through the listings of available properties in our website! We offer you this unique option of having your own holiday home in Bulgaria through shared ownership. Just imagine! For the relatively low price of only € 6666 per shareowner for a group of 12, you can now purchase and enjoy your very own luxury holiday home!

  • You want a luxury holiday home at a LOW PRICE!
  • You want to make an investment with MINIMUM RISK!
  • You want a COST EFFECTIVE dream home!


Benefit from the numerous advantages of the Shared Ownership!

  • It is more cost effective
  • Affordable
  • Needs no management
  • No need to consider a vacation rental business
  • It’s easier to buy


Owner is free to:

Sole owner

Shared Ownership

Time Share

Select specific property

Very restricted

Sell property

Sell shares in the property


Vary the time of use


Rent the property

Control the property

Improve the property

Add facilities

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Is Your Empty Holiday Home Protected?


* Price per share considering a group of 12 shareholders
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